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Seminar Tasks (yyrama)

The most important work on this course, apart from the assessments, is the weekly seminar tasks. You need to submit some work before your seminar each week. This mostly involves writing, or re-writing, a mini essay as well as peer-reviewing another student’s work. The seminars exist for you to discuss your writing.

This recording is also available on stream (no ads; search enabled). Or you can view just the slides (no audio or video).

If the video isn’t working you could also watch it on youtube. Or you can view just the slides (no audio or video).

If the slides are not working, or you prefer them full screen, please try this link.

The recording is available on stream and youtube.


Sign up on yyrama and let yyrama know which seminar group you are in.

You can find the weekly essays and peer reviews here:

If you attend a different seminar group one week, please update your seminar group on yyrama so that your work goes to your tutor.


I rarely find students have a problem using yyrama, but in case you want one there is a step-by-step guide from 4:25 in this video.

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