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Assessment and Other Components of This Course

How your assessment breaks down, what the formative (non-assessed) work is, and what the main events each week are for.

This recording is also available on stream (no ads; search enabled). Or you can view just the slides (no audio or video).

If the video isn’t working you could also watch it on youtube. Or you can view just the slides (no audio or video).

If the slides are not working, or you prefer them full screen, please try this link.

The recording is available on stream and youtube.


How will I be assessed and given feedback?

This is explained in a handy pdf:

Where are the questions?

The in-term essays can be found on can be found on yyrama.

There are possible titles for your longer essay [pdf]. You may also devise your own question through discussion with me; not that your question will need to be approved.

When are the deadlines?

Deadlines for assessed work are on tabula.

Deadlines for the weekly seminar tasks depend on which seminar group you are an and can be found on yyrama.

Ask a Question

Your question will normally be answered in the question session of the next lecture.

More information about asking questions.